Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Money Magnets

Something we learned from T Harv Eker was to be "money magnets."  Basically, if we see an opportunity to increase our money or save us money, do we take it?  How often do you pick up a penny you may see on the ground?  If you pick up the penny, you are showing the universe that you are willing to accept the gift it is offering you.  A penny may not seem like much, but as you start accepting these gift, you will see more gifts. 

Buck and I have seen this first hand.  We started picking up whatever money we would find on the ground.  The first couple of times, it was just a few pennies here or there.  Then one day we got a check in the mail.  It was a refund of part of our escrow account on our home.  We called the mortgage company to make sure it wasn't an error and the money was truly ours. We were able to use the money to get some things we needed and wanted.  We needed to get some new clothes, and we wanted to get a movie we were saving for.  We went to the clothing store first.  When we got to the cashier, we saw about 15 cents on the ground with no one around to claim it.  We picked it up, made our purchase, and walked out the door and saw a dollar bill on the ground.  Now we try to make an effort to give money to the rightful owner if we can.  We looked around to see if anyone may have dropped it, but again there wasn't anyone around.

Next we went to get our movie.  We got to the store and found they were doing a promotion on some of their movies.  They were buy one, get a $5 gift card.  The movie we wanted, was part of that promotion.

An important part of being a money magnet is to express thanks for the gift.  Always remember to thank the universe.  Also, remember that money magnet not only attract money, but ways to save money.  I was going to get some medicine for Buck.  I had already found a coupon for the medicine that was for getting $4 off.  Next to the medicine was another coupon for $6 off.  I was happy to take the coupon and save $2 more than I originally thought.

Please remember that if you find a good deal on something, it doesn't mean you have to get it.  We wouldn't have bought the movie just because of the $5 gift card.  We were going to get it anyway.  The medicine was a necessity, we would have had to get it even if I didn't have a coupon.

We see examples of being money magnets often.  We have set up a section on the sidebar to keep track of our gifts.  This way you can see how to recognize when you are given gifts.  You can also see that if you accept them and give thanks for them, you will see more and more.


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