Monday, June 28, 2010

How can you change your thinking?

Hey Buck here.

One of the biggest challenges we each face is changing our thinking. This is something that only you can teach yourself. You have to find a reason, something that will compel you to be better than you currently are so that you can succeed.

Susan and I have gone over a few steps and suggestions on what you can do to better your financial situation. These steps may seem small and even simple but if you are one of those that are scoffing at we are saying then you will always be struggling.

You first have to train yourself to do the things that millionaire do. You get ready to purchase an item, do you consider whether or not you can get it cheaper down the street. Do you purchase name brand or buy generic? How many of you realize that most generics are packaged in the same facilities, they are just given a different label.

If we just take a few extra minutes, when we determine our purchases, we can save thousands of dollars each year or more.

Please think about these things and send us some of the things that save inspired you to do better with your finances.

 - Buck out


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