Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Story Begins

When Buck and I got married, we had very different ideas of how to handle money. Like most people, we got a lot of our habits from watching our parents. In Buck's family, his dad would take his paycheck and deposit it. He would take out a little cash to use for his lunches and other things he might want. Everything in the bank, Buck's mom would handle. She would pay all the bills, buy all the groceries, and do what ever else needed to be done to keep up the household. I'm not even sure if his dad knew how much money they had in the bank most of the time.

In my family, I'm not exactly sure what my parents did. They had shown us at different times what a budget was and how it worked, but I never really understood how that worked for their finances. I remember my mom going through their checkbooks at the end of the month and making sure it matched with the bank.

At the start of our marriage, we didn't really discuss how we wanted to take care of our money. All that we really talked about was that I would be in charge of managing the money and taking care of the bills.