Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tithing and Charitable Donations

How many times have you said, "I would donate to that, if I had the money?" the tithing account allows you to have the money for donations. It is not an optional account. If we wait until we have "extra money" to donate it never happens. We have found (as many others have) that when we give at least 10% of your income as a donation to your church, community, or organization, God or the universe, whatever your belief system, will provide what you need. Don't think you can afford 10%. In reality you can't afford not to.

Tithing should come out of your account first. If we don't take it out right away, we can forget it, or think we need it in other areas. Then it is spent before we can give a little of our increase back. If we look at many of the wealthy people and businesses, they all give a portion to charity. One person, most of us have heard of, Bill Gates established a charitable foundation to help give back. Another person that I, personally, would like to emulate at some point is Dave Anderson (founder of Famous Dave's). He has chosen to keep 10% and give 90%. He does this because he has seen the blessings received.

- Person experience - Even during a job loss, we continued to pay tithing. It was difficult because we weren't sure we could pay for all the other things we needed. Some how we managed to cover all our bills. Eventually we found a job to help us not only take care of our needs, but wants as well. We know this is because we paid tithing and the universe/God (whatever your belief system) helped us.

 - Susan and Buck

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